Q:How does TouchPlow work?

A:A customer requests a plow via the TouchPlow application. Jobs are placed in the available job queue within minutes and a notification is sent out to each provider within range. The provider views the job queue using an app on their smart phone and taps on a job to see the details and accept it if interested. Accepted jobs appear in the providers personal job list. The provider flags the job as started. Once completed, the provider uses the app to take a photograph of the cleared property and the completed job is removed from the list. The customer is billed by TouchPlow and payment (minus commission) is applied to your account.

Q:How often do I get paid?

A:Payments are made directly into your account within 7 business days of completion of job and confirmation by customer.

Q:How much do I make for clearing a driveway?

A:TouchPlow will provide you with a pricing matrix based on various driveway sizes. TouchPlow retains 30% for its services. This fee may be adjusted up or down with 7 business days notice for the purposes of incentives, bonuses, promotions and inducements to either customers and service providers.

Q:Do I have to take every job assigned to me?

A:Jobs are not assigned to you. They are made available to plow providers based on their distance from the job. At no point is a provider obligated to accept a job. You bid on each and every job you think you can handle in the time frame requested. Based on the quickness of your bid, your location and your Customer Satisfaction Rating, jobs will then be awarded to you.

Q:How do I acquire jobs?

A:Each provider installs our TouchPlow iPhone or Android app which displays jobs available within their area, as well as jobs they have already accepted. Providers are notified, through the app, when a new job becomes available. During each snowstorm, if you are available to take on more TouchPlow customers, you simply log in to bid on additional jobs.

Q:How quickly must I complete a job?

A:Providers must complete each job (and City Plow street dumps) within the time specified by the customer.

Time ranges that customers can request are:
a) within 4 hours
b) between 4 - 12 hours
c) between 12 - 24 hours

If a job is not completed within the allotted time, it becomes available for other providers within range. Failure to meet the clearing times you agreed to will result in a lower Customer Satisfaction Rating, which could affect the amount of future jobs awarded.

Q:Do I have to clear walkways?

A:If the customer has included walkway clearing in their request, then yes, if you accept the job you will be required to clear the walkway. You are paid an additional fee for this service. Make sure to check clearly what the customer is requesting before you submit your bid.

Q:What if there is a dispute or issues between the customer and service provider?

A:TouchPlow has a 24/7 Communications Centre to arbitrate and sort out any issues fairly. Either party can request this service.

Q:What to expect this year

A:Touchplow is a new yet fast growing company. Like Uber growth is going to take time and we ask that you be patient, get the word out and grow with us for years to come.

Touchplow is aggressively marketing in your area to get you more customers. This will take some time.

Constant improvements will be made to stay on top